Three Season Container Sanctuary Becomes Garden Centerpiece

Sarah Berg
September 28, 2021

We all know that time outside among nature is good for the soul and to be honest we could all use a little more after being forced inside for a majority of the last year. So when a customer contacted us interested in creating an outdoor space to relax and refresh in the comfort of her backyard, we got to work. 

We started with half of a 20’ shipping container, coming in at 10’ x 8’ overall. As the primary goal of the space was to bring the outdoors in, we cut in openings for a large 6’ x 6.5’ window and 4 smaller windows integrated into the existing door on the opposite side of the container. In addition to the windows we cut in space for a doorway that would become the entrance to the sanctuary. 

The interior and exterior were then cleaned and given a fresh coat of paint. The light grey used inside makes the space light and airy and the dark forest green on the exterior blends naturally into the environment. We also added cedar siding and trim finished with a unique japanese wood burning technique known as Shou Sugi Ban. The rich color of the charred wood pairs well with the exposed walls of the original container structure. The dimmable exterior lights were integrated into the awning on the front of the structure to create a warm and inviting entryway.


Inside the space you will find durable vinyl flooring that gives the three-season porch a finished look with the added durability to withstand years of use. The abundance of windows on either side of the space lets both light and air travel freely through the container giving you all the benefits of being outside with no bugs. The windows are residential rated with thermopane glass to regulate temperature in any season. White finish trim and beams provide depth and give the container a polished finish while dimmable recessed lighting creates a nice ambience no matter the time of day. 

Durable vinyl floors are a dogs best friend

The backyard container three-season porch was built off-site in just under 6 weeks and delivered on-site in just one day. The foundation for the space is a bed of rocks 5” thick. It will serve as the centerpiece to our clients’ new garden sanctuary and a unique escape to the outdoors. And as an added benefit of shipping container builds, if she ever moves, the space can be loaded on a truck and moved to a new location, an option not available to traditional additions or structures. 

For more information on creating your very own container space, contact us today.

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