Shipping Container Sauna Nestled On Lakeshore Near Glacier National Park

Andy Berg @Container_Cutter
December 20, 2021

Let's face it, life can be stressful. There are few better ways to melt away stress than time spent at 180 degrees. Sauna culture has been popular among Scandinavian cultures for many years and has become more popular as a means of relaxation and wellness routines across the globe.

Our latest project started as a crazy idea from a client in Montana on the shores of Flathead Lake near Glacier National Park. With a rocky and unforgiving shoreline, he had explored a number of options for getting a sauna down by the water and came up short each time. We knew that a container was one of the best options for his space so we got to work.

The Sauna started with half of a 20’ container cut down to an overall length of 10’. After framing the partition to separate the 6’ ‘hot room’ from the 4’ “cool room’, it was time to insulate. The walls, ceiling, benches and duck floor were all built using locally sourced clear white cedar from Northern Minnesota forests. A large picture window provides beautiful views of the lake from any seat in the sauna. The space heats up quickly thanks to the HUUM electric sauna stove with Wi-Fi thermostat so it’s ready by the time you walk down the stairs. 

The separate ‘cool room’ provides a relaxing area to take a break from the heat but also doubles as a unique remote office with a custom built standing desk. The bright white shiplap walls are illuminated with natural light that comes in from the large sliding glass door that provides additional views of the lake. A custom bench provides storage for shoes, towels and clothes and the included mini fridge allows you to keep some frosty beverages close at hand. 

The exterior of the sauna combines a dark iron ore paint with clear cedar cladding to blend into the surrounding shoreline. Shielded exterior lights provide guidance to the entrance without polluting the shoreline and night sky with additional light. Deck boards were installed on top for what will eventually be a rooftop patio that is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.

We hand delivered the sauna, making the long journey from Minnesota to Montana before being placed by crane on a barge, transported by water and placed on the shore with the help of two cranes. Quite the journey for this sauna that now calls the shoreline home. One thing we know for sure is that it’s future will be stress free from here on out!

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