Private Backyard Shipping Container Office with Rooftop Patio

Sarah Berg
September 28, 2021

Well over a year into the pandemic and with many people shifting to full time remote work, it’s no surprise there has been an increase in people looking for additional office space without the commute.

This was the case for one Golden Valley resident looking for a backyard office to provide a quiet work space while still being close to her kids who are distance learning at home. Lucky for her, we had recently completed the very first backyard container office that was a perfect fit for her needs. 

The office was constructed using half of a 20 foot shipping container, with overall dimensions of 10’ x 8’. After cutting out space for the all new door and windows the container was cleaned up and given a fresh new paint job. Inside was a blank canvas, ready to make this container into a hard working office space. 

Bamboo flooring with shiplapped walls create a clean and comfortable space

The space is insulated with spray foam throughout to keep it cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. A mini split unit was added to cool or heat the 80 square foot room quickly and efficiently, making it suitable for year-round use. Numerous outlets provide ample opportunities for powering equipment and charging accessories and an empty conduit makes it easy to run data directly to the unit. The recessed dimmable led lighting throughout the space creates a warm ambience day or night. The combination of solid bamboo wood flooring and white shiplap walls and ceilings give the interior a clean, comfortable and premium finish. Daylight floods the entire office thanks to large Kolbe windows and a full size Anderson sliding glass entry door.

Delivered quickly and easily with our unique Shed Mule

On the outside, beautiful clear cedar siding meets the original steel of the container to give the office a modern and industrial look that is at home nestled into the woods of the backyard. Dimmable exterior entry lighting is integrated into the eaves of the rooftop. Around the back you will find a spiral staircase that leads up to the unique 8’ x 10’ rooftop patio, a perfect spot for taking a break or relaxing after a long day at the office.

The office was constructed off site over six weeks and delivered in one day. It sits atop diamond piers with 6x6 treated support columns.

Time to get to work!

“It’s a nice separation of work and home and much more than I have today.”

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