Our Shed Mule has arrived!

Sarah Berg
August 13, 2021

This past week Andy, the Container_Cutter made the trek from Mpls to Carrier Mills, IL to pick up his Shed Mule. You may be wondering what this is... and besides the fact it looks like a big remote controlled toy, it’s super useful when it comes to moving our containers and sheds to their new homes.

We ordered this in the fall and it was finally ready for him to take home. Andy enjoyed the beautiful countryside and meeting some of the folks who build these in the small village in southern Illinois are part of the Amish Mennonite community. Super interesting! The company was started in 2000 by two brothers who worked on their farm. Frustrated by a lack of good delivery methods, they set out to discover a better way to deliver buildings. After months of research and prototyping, they produced a machine unlike nicknamed it the Esel – the German form of Mule.

LSC has gained a new friend- the Mule! It’s is ready to help our clients with the ease of delivery of our containers. We will be offering shed moving services as well so contact us if interested!

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