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Latitude Studios start at $20,000 and increase based on size and the customizations you choose. Typically, a customized studio will fall in the $30,000 to $60,000 range. To learn more, you can schedule a call with a Latitude Studios Rep, or request a custom quote.

Because we use shipping containers for our studios, a concrete pad foundation is not needed. We typically place your studio on crushed gravel, diamond piers or helical piles and most foundations are done the same day by our crew. We are happy to help advise on the best foundation solution for your studio.

Our studios are considered non-permanent structures and most fall under 200 square feet which is generally exempt from permitting requirements. More often than not all that is required is a site plan review to make sure you are respecting setbacks. Additionally, our 40’ units or units with plumbing and/or permanent foundations will require permitting.

Your studio will arrive on a flatbed truck and be placed using our unique shed mule system. We need a clear path of 10’ wide or more to deliver the unit. If needed we can secure the use of a crane or other solution to get it where it needs to go. We even delivered a unit by barge and crane.

The great thing about our Studios is they’re as permanent as you want them to be. We don’t build a huge foundation, so if after a few years you need (or want) to move your Latitude Studio space, you’re able to.

Depending on the level of security needed, we can customize the studio to meet your needs. Some may need a completely enclosed space without windows or sliding doors, and some may want to open it up with screened doors and windows. Locks are available for all doors and windows upon request. 

Our Studios are very well insulated with closed cell spray foam so they are efficient for heating and cooling. With window and door customizations you choose how much sunshine and fresh air you want to let in.You can select the wifi capable thermostat and control the climate of your office from anywhere. This reduces the energy consumption by only keeping it at the perfect temperature while you are using the space.

Very little! Our remote workspaces are turn-key and come essentially ready for you and your laptop, desk, yoga mat, etc. Outside of electrical to-dos – you show up, point us to the right spot, and you’ll be set. Fast and easy – just the way we like it.

Most studios can be run with standard 110v power from your house. Units with baseboard, mini split or other larger electric features require 220v service. Electrical is wired to an exterior panel and you are responsible for running power from your house/property with an electrician.

All Latitude Studios are covered by a 1 Year limited warranty.*

*Some exclusions apply. 

Our name has a dual meaning: the first is the literal meaning of latitude and its role in location. These shipping containers have been around the globe, but their most important location is with you, as its new destination. Second, is the definition of latitude: opportunity for freedom of action or thought. A synonym for latitude: space.

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