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Our company was founded in finding a smart and unique solution to a real problem: having the space without the distractions and creating a reasonable separation between work and home. We all need room for freedom to work, create, play, exercise, and just be you.

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Our Owner & Founder, Andy, worked in the corporate office setting for more than 15 years as an engineer. And then, 2020: cue the pandemic. Latitude Studios is a solution born from a problem, as all the best ones are. Andy and his wife Sarah were thrust into work-from-home life, as many of us were, in 2020. Andy was an engineer and Sarah is a teacher. Having full-time careers combined with their kids participating in school via distance-learning, made it increasingly difficult for everyone to have the space and quiet they needed for things to be smooth, successful, and efficient. So, Andy began brainstorming where he could work. The garage started out as one option, but balmy Minnesota summer temperatures along with kids coming and going proved it was only temporary. Next up was working in his enclosed trailer/fish house. He had his own separate space to work productively and with the addition of only a small air conditioner, was a great solution. He found he could be ‘home’ and available to his kids when needed while having a clearly separated workspace that was, in fact, not in his home. The new workspace allowed Andy to “go” to work in the morning, but still lock the door and leave work at the end of the day. He and Sarah’s wheels started turning and soon, Latitude Studios was born.

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Andy Berg
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