What We Do

Latitude Studios is a Minnesota-based company that transforms used shipping containers into fresh and unique spaces to fit your needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to build and deliver spaces with minimal disruption to you, your family, and your home. Our Shipping Container Studios provide a secure, temperature-controlled environment  in an updated, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable space for you to be your best. Efficient, Eco-Friendly, Easy – that’s Latitude Studios

Our Studios

Our Studios are not your everyday shed or trailer. We purchase shipping containers after they have traveled the world and have landed here in Minnesota, ready to be reinvented and repurposed. Latitude Studios designs allow for the addition of windows and sliding doors for access to sunlight, fresh air, and an energizing environment for you. Whether it’s a space for an at-home office or workspace, yoga studio, home gym, guest house, tiki bar… you name it, Latitude Studios can build it. Because of the initial strength and design of the containers, Latitude Studios are more efficient for you and for our world. 

Superior Solution

Lives Where You Are

Placement of your studio isn’t permanent or forever, you’ll have the option to move it anywhere life may lead you.

Controllable Comfort

Heating and cooling smaller spaces is more eco-friendly and efficient. No more heating the entire house all day long so you can be comfortable. 

Hassle-Free Solution

Unlike other Home Remodel Options our studios can be completed with less intrusion than traditional construction. It’s hassle-free with less disruption to your life.

Smart & Sustainable

Our mission is to repurpose shipping containers to give them new life.  We aim to source materials locally when possible and repurpose as much as we can.

Built to Last

These shipping containers are built to withstand every and any element. We harness the strength and longevity of the container with modern products to create a space that is built to last – and to love.

Quick & Easy Delivery

We handle the coordination of delivery. Our specialized Shed Mule machine can lift and move your studio with ease.